Anonymous: “We are Legion”

An Idea, A group, A person, A goal, An Operation, A Mask, Anonymous?

Just what does this Ideology mean?  What is Anonymous?

“We are Anonymous

We are Legion

We do not Forgive

We do not Forget

Expect Us”


“Supporters, Activist, Criminals, Enemies”

Article Discussing “Anonymous”

“Tools for Anonymous”

“For the first time in human history, it is theoretically possible for any individual to collaborate with any other individual on the planet in pursuit of shared goals. The implications of this are tremendous; and to the extent that these implications are grasped, men of good will and talent will join forces in new ways to fight the war that we all know must be fought.”

You Decide

So, Just who really is the Fake Anonymous and who is the Real Anonymous?

The more you research this word, it is classified as a “Group”, you will find discussions on all levels of “who” directs the “Headless & Leaderless Association”. Anywhere from Hacking Networks, to Internet Activism, to the Illuminati/NWO Agenda infiltrating “The Idea of Anonymous” to brainwash and control those that stand against the Establishment.

“operate anonymously”

George Cruikshank‘s illustration of Guy Fawkes, published in William Harrison Ainsworth‘s 1840 novel


The Gunpowder Plot of 1605

The “Anonymous” Jesuit Deception

“the U.S. government and other parties, had been developing software, by which a single person could control a great number of fake online personas, for the purpose of propaganda.”


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Although CENTCOM has since denied that such virtual armies are being used against Americans, the conduct of those contractors that had bid on that particular project has convinced most everyone concerned that any firm developing those capabilities, would most likely provide them to major corporations for the right price.”

“The underground world of computer hackers has been so thoroughly infiltrated in the US by the FBI and secret service that it is now riddled with paranoia and mistrust, with an estimated one in four hackers secretly informing on their peers, a Guardian investigation has established.

Cyber policing units have had such success in forcing online criminals to co-operate with their investigations through the threat of long prison sentences that they have managed to create an army of informants deep inside the hacking community.

In some cases, popular illegal forums used by cyber criminals as marketplaces for stolen identities and credit card numbers have been run by hacker turncoats acting as FBI moles. In others, undercover FBI agents posing as “carders” – hackers specialising in ID theft – have themselves taken over the management of crime forums, using the intelligence gathered to put dozens of people behind bars.”

There are many videos made public, some share messages of Unity within the Idea, some share Warnings for proposed Enemies, Some share entrapment for uneducated youth who fall prey to Powerful Governmental Operations. 

Analysis of Esoteric Iconography used by ‘Anonymous’

The video below is a good example of High Quality Production, yet vague Symbolism hinting to Illuminati and directly pointing to “Hacktivism” as a central focus.  Is this a secular recruitment video?  Or is this a video that could be viewed as a form of a trap to lure an individual into criminal activity, then the individual would be entrapped to operate for Establishment that runs the Operation posing as Anonymous.  [Psyops]

The Story of Aaron Swartz Full Documentary


“Ideas are Bulletproof”

Decentralized Affinity Group

“Voluntary Association”?


Anonymous hacks ‘Illuminati’ placing warning on mysterious Bilderberg Group website


Anyone else think Anonymous is a CIA founded group?

Anonymous Global

[Shill]A person engaged in covert advertising. The shill attempts to spread buzz by personally endorsing the product in public forums with the pretense of sincerity, when in fact he is being paid for his services.

Published on Jun 3, 2017

The Masked Avengers


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