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Covering Geopolitical Issues and History, this research is centered around Oil, and how it relates to the Humanitarian Crisis that has escalated beyond any acceptable standards. The human rights of the innocent people are overlooked for continuous control and directives from outside AND inside corrupt forces, the conflicts cause destabilization, disease and death, now in the middle of 2017 the nation of Yemen is on the verge of complete collapse.

There’s a parallel sub-goal here, acknowledged in private by Western officials, but not discussed in public:   Yemen has as yet untapped potential to provide an alternative set of oil and gas trans-shipment routes for the export of Saudi oil, bypassing Iran and the Strait of Hormuz.

Yemen’s economic income, nonetheless, depends mostly on oil.
In terms of human development Yemen ranked 154 out of 186 countries, according to the 2011 Human Development Report Index issued by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).   According to government reports, poverty is a nation-wide phenomenon.

Yemen is strategically located on the Bab Al Mandeb strait and has been a central shipping hub for nearly 3,000 years connecting the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, and the Indian Ocean. Yemen is 527,970 square km in size, which is approximately the same size as France. The country has 2,000 km of coastline stretching along the Arabian and Red Sea.  It is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the north and Oman to the East, with Eritrea, Somalia and Djibouti only a short distance across the Red Sea.



Things are becoming a little more clear now,

“Indeed, Yemen’s war was devised long ago as a last attempt to protect interests regional players cannot afford to abandon. Everything else is mere political decorum.” Catherine Shakdam



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Yemen Hunt Oil Company:
U.S. company that first discovered and developed oil in Yemen.



Exxon Yemen Inc.

The company was ranked ninth globally in the Forbes Global 2000 list in 2016.[5] ExxonMobil was the second most profitable company in the Fortune 500 in 2014.


Tillerson’s total annual reported compensation for the last decade was over $281,787,297, including salary, bonuses, stock options and other compensation.


Griffin Energy Ltd.
AISCO – Baker Hughes – Canadian Nexen – CIS – Daewoo Group – DNO –
Expert Petroleum – Gama – Hunt Oil – IMTAC – IPW – JGC Corporation –
Kellog, Brown & Root – Kogas – Le Duc – Muhibbah – RWE -MI-SWACO – Oxy –
PEC – Petro-Canada – Punj Lloyd -SKEC – SKS & Shamwhan JV – TDD – Technip –
TotalWAHA Oil Company – Wintershall – Woodside Australian Energy –
World BankYemgas – YGC – YLNG
* International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group) , Washington USA
* TotalFinaElf , Hadramout. Camp Upgrade Project – Phase II
* YEMGAS – Balhaf, Yemen
* DNO – Hadramout, Yemen
* TOTAL E&P – Kharir, Yemen
* TOTAL E&P – Hadramout, Yemen
* Public Electricity Company (PEC) Across Yemen
* APR Energy , Aden, Yemen
* Ports &Airports Upgrading Project – Phase I and II
* OMV Central Processing Facility Project at Al Uqlah, Shabwa Governorate, Yemen
YemCan Engineering & Construction Ltd. is a Leading International EPC Contracting firm based in Sana’a, Yemen, offering a full range of Engineering, Procurement and Construction services. The company provides Manufacturing , Maintenance specializing in design, engineering, project construction, fabrication, and maintenance activities in Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals and Power sectors in the MENA region.
Yemen Resources Limited — Yemen
Jannah Hunt Oil Company (JHOC) — Yemen
(operates as a subsidiary of Kuwait Energy Company K.S.C.C.)
Block 47, Yemen                                                         Middle East/Africa
Calvalley Petroleum (Cyprus) Ltd.                       Middle East/Africa
Yemen General Corporation For Oil And Gas   Middle East/Africa
Adelphi Energy Yemen (B7) Limited                    Middle East/Africa
* Shareholders
  * Total (Project Technical Leader – 39.62%)
  * Hunt (17.22%)
  * Yemen Gas Company (YGC)(16.73%)
  * SK Innovation Co., Ltd. (9.55%)
  * Korea Gas Corporation (Kogas) (6.00%)
  * The General Authority for Social Security & Pensions (GASSP) (5.00%)
     [social security organisation in the Republic of Yemen]
 (Most of its portfolio investment comprises domestic Treasury-Bills and deposits in US$ at the Central Bank of  Yemen with smaller sums invested in real estate, direct investment and loans to beneficiaries.)
Key Executives for Hunt Oil Company, Inc.
Name                                                        Title            
Steve Suellentrop                   President and President of Hun Conversion Technologies  —
Adam Bishop                            Senior Vice President of Exploration    —
Dennis J. Grindinger              Executive Vice President of South America   —
Mark Gunnin                           Senior Vice President of Middle East Region
Paul Habenicht                       Executive Vice President of North America   —
Hunt Oil Company, Inc.  Board Members*
Name                                Board Relationships         Primary Company                             Age
James B. Jennings         5 Relationships                      Hunt Oil Company, Inc.                       76
Stephen C. Hurley        8 Relationships                      Eureka Hunter Holdings, LLC           67
Key Executives for Hunt Oil Company, Inc.
Mr. Hunter L. Hunt – Co-Chief Executive Officer – Age: 48
Mr. Christopher M. Kleinert -Co-Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Ray L. Hunt – Executive Chairman Age: 74
Mr. Donald F. Robillard Jr., CPA – Chief Financial Officer, Chief Risk Officer and Executive Vice President Age: 65
Mr. Bruce Cope CPA – Chief Accounting Officer and Senior Vice President
Ray L. Hunt    
Chairman of Hunt Consolidated Inc, CEO of Hunt Consolidated Inc &
President of Hunt Consolidated Inc
Donor List for Center for Strategic and International Studies, Rex Tillerson,
Henry Kissinger, Thomas J. Pritzker, Mark Penn
Name                                              Relationships
Maurice R. Greenberg              557 Relationships
Reginald K. Brack                      364 Relationships
Felix G. Rohatyn                         335 Relationships
Muhtar Kent                                329 Relationships
Romesh T. Wadhwani               316 Relationships
Geographic Reach
Hunt Consolidated has assets in Australia, Canada, Colombia, Italy, Kurdistan(Iraq), Mexico, Chile, Oman, Peru, Romania, the UAE, the US, and Yemen. Production and development activities are conducted in Europe, the Middle East, and South America, including in Australia, Canada, Peru, Romania, and Yemen. It has exploration activities in Argentina, Canada, Chile, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, Guyana, Laos, Madagascar, Niger, Oman, Peru, Portugal, Togo, the UK, Yemen and in a number of other countries.
DNO is a Middle East and North Africa (MENA) focused oil and gas company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.
Cenovus Energy Inc.
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
Contributions $200,000 and up
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Chevron Corporation                          G, E, EE, ET, GD, NS, RS
Exxon Mobil Corporation                      G, E, RS
General Dynamics Corporation                 G, NS, EE
Gilead Sciences, Inc.                        GD, ET, G
Leonardo-Finmeccanica                        NS, G, EE
Lockheed Martin Corporation                  G, NS, RS, T
Northrop Grumman Corporation                 G, NS, EE, RS, T
Saudi Aramco                                 G, E, NS, RS
Contributions $100,000 – $199,999
Donor                                        Program Area
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Bank of Sharjah P.S.C.                       NS
Bechtel Corporation                          G, E, EE, ET, NS
BSA The Software Alliance                    T
Canadian Commercial Corporation              NS
Citigroup Inc.                               G
The Coca-Cola Company                        G, EE, RS
Deloitte Touché Tohmatsu Limited            G, EE, ET, GD, RS
Hess Corporation                             G, E, RS
Marubeni Corporation                         G, E, ET, GD, RS
Merck & Co., Inc.                            GD
Mitsubishi Corporation                       G, RS, E, ET, T
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation   EE, RS
Raytheon Company                             G, NS, RS, T
Saab                                         AB NS, G, RS
Statoil ASA                                  G, E, EE, NS, RS, T
United Launch Alliance                       NS
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BP P.L.C                                     G, E, RS
Cheniere Energy Partners, L.P.               E
GlaxoSmithKline Plc                          GD, RS
Hunt Consolidated, Inc.                      G
Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc.          NS
JoongAng Media Network                       RS
L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc.            G, NS
LMI G,                                       NS
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Noble Energy, Inc.                           G, E
Parsons Corporation                          G, NS, RS, T
Royal Dutch Shell plc                        G, E, RS
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Barclays Bank PLC                            G, E, RS
Canon Inc.                                   G, RS, ET
Viacom, Inc.                                 G, RS
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Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO)  G, ET, RS
ConocoPhillips Co.                           G, E, RS
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    *Energy and Sustainability
EE: Executive Education:
GD: Development/Global Health/Food Security:
    *Global Food Security Project
    *Global Health Policy Center
    *Project on Prosperity and Development
    *U.S. Leadership in Development
    *Human Rights Initiative
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NS: National Security/International Security Policy:
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***************The Yemen pipeline dream*****************
But there’s a parallel sub-goal here, acknowledged in private by Western officials, but not discussed in public: Yemen has as yet untapped potential to provide an alternative set of oil and gas trans-shipment routes for the export of Saudi oil, bypassing Iran and the Strait of Hormuz.
***Hiding the pipeline connection***
Western officials are keen to avoid public consciousness of the energy geopolitics behind the escalating conflict. The reality of the kingdom’s ambitions in this regard are laid bare in a secret 2008 State Department cable obtained by Wikileaks (23.(C)), from the US embassy in Yemen to the Secretary of State:
20. (C) Another interesting dynamic in the Yemeni-Saudi relationship is the large number of affluent Saudi nationals of Yemeni, more precisely Hadrami (from Hadramout Governorate), descent.  According to Saudi Ambassador Ali al-Hamdan, these families and other Yemenis in Saudi Arabia send considerable amounts of money to their extended families in Yemen.
21. (U) Hadrami Saudis include the billionaire families Bin Laden (family wealth is estimated at USD 5 billion), Bin Mahfouz (USD 4 billion) and Bouqshan Shaykh Abdullah Ahmed Bouqshan (personal worth is USD 3.2 billion).
23. (C) A British diplomat based in Yemen told PolOff that Saudi Arabia had an interest to build a pipeline, wholly owned, operated and protected by Saudi Arabia, through
Hadramaut to a port on the Gulf of Aden, thereby bypassing the Arabian Gulf/Persian Gulf and the straits of Hormuz.  Saleh has always opposed this.  The diplomat contended that Saudi Arabia, through supporting Yemeni military leadership, paying for the loyalty of shaykhs and other means, was positioning itself to ensure it would, for the right price, obtain the rights for this pipeline from Saleh’s successor.
April 26, 2016
More than 8,900 people have died in the year-long Western-backed Saudi onslaught against Yemen which is motivated by a desire to control a new oil route and acquire Yemen’s riches. Western complicity is another example of its moral bankruptcy, greed and hypocrisy.
“Yemen was thrown into the fires of war so its land and the power it hides would remain under the control of Riyadh and, by extension, the United States. Yet Yemen’s oil and gas reserves pale in comparison to that of its neighbors. The country’s true strength lies in its geography, even if foreign oil and gas companies’ interests suggest the country has more to offer than officials might have proclaimed.  With over 1,000 miles of coastline, this poorest nation of Arabia sits atop the world’s most strategic chokepoint. Should Gulf monarchies lose control over it, the Arab world as we know it would simply cease to exist. This is why Riyadh’s call for war was answered so fervently by the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and their regional and global allies.”        Catherine Shakdam
Yemen The message of the people of Saada to
Sayyed Abdulmalik Badruddin Al – Houthi


********************** Д.И.Ї. *********************